The Shopkeeper Global Content app should not affect your SEO one way or another as long is it is used in line with "white hat" SEO practices.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Since, by definition, the app allows you to repeat content multiple times throughout your storefront, this does create duplicate content. There was been much discussion about duplicate content's effect on SEO, but when used for generic statements and content such as trustmarks, shipping notices, announcements and the like, it's unlikely any search engine would penalize you for this repetition.
  • Major search engines have also revealed that some duplicative content is acceptable — they typically care more about sites that are generating hundreds or thousands of pages that are made up mostly identical content.
  • We do not recommend using our app as the only way to generate product descriptions, however, especially if they will result in numerous similar products having identical descriptions. Not only could this be a bit of a red flag for search engines, it's also not good user experience to recycle product descriptions repeatedly.

All that said, because ShopKeeper has no control over how you use the app or how your site is configured, we cannot guarantee that the app will not cause SEO issues or improve your SEO.