We purposefully built Magic Button to have a limited set of features. However, we did include some settings that can be adjusted by going to the apps part of your control panel and clicking on the Shopkeeper Magic Button logo:

  • Turn the app on or off: This will hide the button from all users, even if the app is still installed. This is sometimes useful for testing purposes or if you need to have a “clean” view of your pages. Please note that this does not cancel your monthly fee for the app.
  • Button position: Select what corner you want the button to appear in. We typically recommend the lower right, but this setting allows you to move it to an area of your choice in order to avoid conflict with other apps, overlays or tabs.
  • Button size: Adjust the size of the icon. Making it smaller can make it easier to see your store and envision what it looks like without the button installed while still giving you access to all the great features of the app.
  • Style: This lets you move the button to the black Shopify admin bar.