If you need help with installing our apps or other assistance, we may request access to your store.

We do this using Shopify's collaborator account feature

Please note that there is no way for you to grant us access using this feature; we have to process the request.

To expedite requests, you may invite us as a staff member and then delete our account after we are done. Use the email help@shop-keeper.com and the name "ShopKeeper Support" and grant us access to the features listed below unless otherwise requested. Use a strong password such as a random string of letters and numbers. Note that newer Shopify accounts have a limit to the number of staff accounts you can have so this may not be possible and you should wait for us to request collaborator access. Please DO NOT send us any other username or password.

Please note:

  • This access is temporary and you can revoke it at any time.
  • We will only request access to parts of your store that we need to solve your issue.
  • When we request access, we will typically only ask for access to these parts of your store:
    • Products, inventory and collections
    • Gift cards
    • Applications
    • Settings
    • Navigation
    • Themes
  • In general, we will not access your orders or sales data unless your issue has to do with this.