Each plan has a “cap” on the number of gift cards you can send every month. If you exceed this number of gift cards, we will not stop displaying or issuing gift cards, but may contact you to discuss a small additional fee based on your usage. 

Our goal is to be fair and offer a “cap” that fits within most store’s needs but, for higher volume stores, cover the additional costs of issuing large numbers of gift cards based on the store’s revenue.

We also take into account your past usage — for example, if you have a very busy month and see twice as many gift cards as you normally do — we typically won't charge you extra. Please note that unused credits do not carry over directly from month to month, but are considered as a whole.

Again, our goal is to be fair to both you and us. If you're selling a very high number of gift cards, you're revenue is likely higher, so we may ask you to pay a bit more to cover the extra costs we have in issuing those cards.

Likewise, if you have a sudden increase in gift card sales but don't typically send that many, it's not our goal to penalize you for that.