If we're designing your gift card for you, feel free to send as many or as little files as you'd like. Before starting to think about your design, be sure to check out the basic look and layout we use. While we can change the colors, images and fonts that are used, we can't change the basic layout or animation. For more information about what we can each part of the layout, click here.

However, the following materials can be helpful:

  • Your logo in high resolution format, preferably with a transparent background (this is probably most important)
  • Your preferred colors
  • Your preferred fonts (we have access to all Google and Adobe Fonts, but if you have another font, please send the TTF or OTF file)
  • Any colors or fonts to avoid (such as ones your competitors use or ones you just don't like!)
  • Generic photos of your products, business or services (or even you) that can represent your business as a whole
  • For the background, a photo that can be partially covered without looking strange — such as a texture, landscape photo or solid color can be helpful.

The following guidance can also be helpful:

  • What do you want on the cover of your gift card? Should it just be a logo or you do want message such as "A gift for you"?
  • What do you want shown in the "e-gift card" inside? Your logo or a greeting?
  • If you're interested in using stock photos, try searching Burst, Pixabay or Unsplash and send us the links. In general. all Burst and Unsplash photos can be used for free. With Pixabay, the images in the light gray "sponsored" rows cannot be used without a fee.

If you're really stuck on what to send, don't fear! We'll still work with you to create a great design. Your basic custom design includes:

  • Unlimited use of open source stock photography from services such as Burst, Pixabay or Unsplash.
  • We also have access to a large library of illustrations, textures, patterns and more that are included at no cost.
  • We can also offer a photo from Deposit Photos for a fee of $10 per photo.
  • We can use free Google Fonts for the the "from name" and "message" text in your gift card.
  • For text that is part of the design, we can use Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts.