If we're designing your branded gift card for you, we ask for a few notes about how you'd like it to look. You're welcome to provide as much or as little info as you'd like.

However, the more information we have to start, the quicker we can turn around a design.

Here are some examples of statements we see a lot that aren't the most helpful:

  • "Create a high end, luxurious feeling" (without including any more detail this is very vague).
  • "Make my gift card look cute" (again, not every specific).

Here is information that really helps us do better work if you can provide it:

  • A high resolution or vector (AI or EPS) file of your logo and any icons or illustrations you want to use.
  • High resolution versions of photographs you'd like to use. We generally need them at around 1200 by 1200 pixels or so.
  • Specific color codes (hex codes are best) to use and where you would like them used. Please note that if you provide Pantone colors, we will convert it to the closed RGB equivalent. 
  • Specific fonts, preferably Google Fonts. If you want use to use other fonts in your design, please upload a TTF or OTF file. Again, please also include if you'd like one font for a headline and another for body copy or something else.
  • We cannot use fonts from TypeKit (Adobe Fonts), MyFonts, Font Squirrel, Fonts.com, or webfont services.
  • Specific textures, materials or other design inspiration.
  • You can browse Unsplash or Burst for free photos we can use. With both services, please provide the full URL to the photo you like (be sure you see "/photos/" is in the URL). It's generally not as efficient to link us to a gallery of photos to chose from.
  • Any elements that you want to avoid. 
  • Another good option is to send photos of your physical location (if you have one). This often gives us a good idea of what your brand looks like.
  • If you have a brand standards guide, even an informal one, consider uploading that.

If you are looking for a fast design turnaround, we can often use your Shopify store to do that and you're welcome to let us know that.

  • Be sure to include your store address.
  • If there are certain parts of the site you don't want included or that are "must haves," please note that.
  • We can usually tell what fonts and colors you're using if that helps save time.
  • Sending a high resolution logo file can still be helpful, but we can often extract your logo from your store design if needed.