ShopKeeper does not send the initial email to the gift giver (the person who purchased the gift card). Instead, these are sent by Shopify's servers.

If the gift giver does not receive the initial notification from your store here are some troubleshooting steps, first locate the gift card by going under Products > Gift Cards and selecting the gift card in question.

Scroll down to the bottom and verify that the notification was sent in the "History" section. Also check that the email address is correct.

If it appears it was sent but customers are still not receiving it, here are some additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Have the gift giver check the "spam" or "junk" folder of their email.
  • It is possible the email may have been delayed slightly. Try waiting 5-15 minutes to see if it arrives (and check the junk folders as well).
  • Verify the email address is correct and complete in the "history" section of the gift card detail page.
  • Check that the email address you provided as the "Customer email" under Settings > General is valid. Using email addresses such as or other generic or non functioning addresses can affect deliverability of email notifications from your store in general.

If none of these resolve your issue, you will need to contact Shopify support for assistance.

If, however, you are having issues with gift recipients receiving the separate notification email, please review this article.