Shopkeeper Gift Card Scheduler does NOT add a recipient email field to the product page. This is only requested after the purchase is completed and the gift giver is sent the gift card confirmation.

No. Due to security and privacy concerns, we have opted not to collect recipient email addresses prior to when an order is placed.

Instead, your customer will receive the normal Shopify email notification with, if your app is properly installed, a link to schedule the gift card notification to be sent to the recipient. 

Here they will enter the email address to send to along with any date or time in the next 365 days or opt to send it as soon as possible.

We have extensively researched this and found this to be the best approach for handling a non-customer email address in as many locations around the world.

We suggest using your product description to clarify this point to your customers and let them know they will be able to send a separate notification after purchasing either right away or in the future.