What can't be translated

  • At this time our Gift Card Basic (free) and Gift Card Pro cannot be translated (although users can enter names and text in any language).
  • We do not translate or modify the gift card codes (for example, we can't switch to Hebrew letters) or associated QR code in any way other than the way your store is configured.
  • We are also unable to translate the backend admin panels of any of our apps.
  • Our gift card design library features some designs that contain English text. These cannot be translated, but you can turn them off if you are on Gift Card Pro (paid). If you want designs that use another language on the cover, you'd need to switch to our Branded app and pay the necessary design fees.

What can be translated

We can translate some areas of the Branded, Branded Pro or Easy plans.

  • We can translate the following parts of the form on the product page:
    • To
    • From
    • Message
  • We can also change the follow words on the gift card experience:
    • To
    • From
    • Open
    • Scroll down to open
    • Gift Card Code
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Privacy
    • Print Gift Card 
    • Instructions: Cut out gift card, fold in half and store in your wallet or purse for easy use. 
    • Close this window
  • We can also "translate" these words to different phrases if you prefer another label, such as "recipient" instead of "to." Technically you can put whatever you'd like here, just make sure it makes sense.
  • We do not support the ability to switch between two or more languages though this may be possible with third party apps.
  • We always reserve the right to limit translations when they could affect the functionality of the app.

Translation requests

To translate these words, first make sure you are subscribed to one of the eligible apps (again, Gift Card Basic and Gift Card Pro are not eligible) send us a ticket request with your store domain and a list of the English word and translation you want to use for this. 

For example: To: mensaje

Please note that we do not check your translations for accuracy and we don't know every language out there, so please be sure to include the English equivalent and double check the spelling.

We strongly recommend translating ALL of the items listed above.

Translating notifications

Notifications can be translated by store owners under Settings > Notifications. We are unable to provide assistance translating these notifications since they are directly editable by the store owner.

No translation necessary on customer input

Your customers can write messages and names in any language they want as long as the font used in your forms supports that block of characters. In other words, if someone types French into these fields, our system doesn't know the difference and it will be displayed as long as any special characters are supported on the font you use.

Supported languages

We can translate these words to any language that uses standard character sets — from Latin to Spanish to Pig Latin to Klingon. Keep in mind that not all fonts support all character blocks, so you will want to designate a font that supports your characters. With Google Fonts, you sometimes need to enable to certain blocks.

We can also support RTL languages, but please inform us if you need this feature because we may not recognize the language as using the RTL format.

Finally, we can also support translating to various regional differences in language, such as British vs. American English.