Adding the link to gift card notification emails

  1. From your Shopify admin select "Settings."
  2. Locate and click "Notifications" as shown here:
  3. On the next screen, locate "Gift card created" under the "Customers notifications." Click the words "Gift card created":
  4. On the next screen, be sure the "Email" tab is selected:
  5. In the code area below, scroll down about halfway and look for this code (if you have previously customized this email template, the code may be different):
    <table class="button main-action-cell">                    
            <td class="button__cell"><a href="{{ gift_card.url }}" class="button__text">View gift card</a></td>
  6. Immediately after this code (specially, the </tr> tag), paste the code shown below. Note that if you want, you can change the words "Schedule or send gift card to recipient" (shown in bold) to whatever you'd like, including another language. Do not, however, modify any of the <a> tag.
    <tr><td class="empty-line"> </td></tr>
            <td class="button__cell">
                <a href="{{ shop.url }}/tools/skt-scheduler/?url={{ gift_card.url }}&cid={% assign ps= | size %}{% if ps > 0 %}{% for p in %}{% if p.first == 'Customization' %}{% unless p.last == blank %}{{ p.last }}{% endunless %}{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endif %}" class="button__text">Schedule or send gift card to recipient</a>
  7. Find the "Actions" menu as shown here and click "Preview":
  8. A new window will open. Carefully check the layout. Note that clicking the links in the preview will not work.
  9. If you're happy with the look, click Save:
  10. If you make a mistake and find the email preview no longer works, you can use the "Revert to default" button at the very bottom of the code editing area to erase all your changes.

Changing the image in the email (optional)

By default, Shopify includes this gold and orange gift image in notification emails:

You can change this with a few code edits.

  1. First, decide what image you'd like to use — typically your store logo or an image shaped like a credit card with your store logo on it works best. While you can use any size, we recommend 240 pixels wide by 160 high (or, to support high resolution devices, 480 pixels wide by 320 high).
  2. If you need to upload the image, we recommend using the Files tool in Shopify. Click here for instructions. After you upload the image, copy and paste the URL Shopify provides you. It should look something like this:
  3. Follow steps 1 to 4 in the section above.
  4. Look for this code near the top:
    <img src="{{ 'gift-card/card.jpg' | shopify_asset_url }}" alt="Gift card image" width="240" height="160">
  5. Remove the code in bold: {{ 'gift-card/card.jpg' | shopify_asset_url }} but to careful to keep the double quotation marks to the left and right of the {{ and }}.
  6. Place your cursor between the quotation marks and paste the entire URL for the image you want. Be sure it starts with "" or it will not work.
  7. If your image is a different size, you will need to update the "width" and "height" values. You can also change the "alt" tag to something else if you'd like, including another language. If you use an image that is 480 by 320 pixels you do not need to change these values.
  8. Preview and save your work as noted in steps 7 to 9 in the section above.

Changing SMS template

Shopify can also send a text message to the purchaser notifying them that the gift card has been created. This email includes a link to the gift card.

Because the links required to schedule and send gift cards to recipients are long, we don't recommend including them in the SMS. Instead, you can click the "SMS" tab and add a sentence reading "To schedule or send this gift card directly to the recipient, check your email for a link."

Changing email colors

Shopify has built in settings that let you change the "accent color" on your email notifications. To do this, click Settings > Notifications and click "Customize" as shown here:

Please note that by default, gift card notifications do not use the logo or logo width settings and adding these would require custom development work. Changing the accent color under "Customize" changes the color on all email notifications sent from your store. If you want to customize the colors on a single email only, you'll need to use inline CSS.

Editing the recipient email

By default, we send a simple, generic email to the recipient. You can make changes to this email template and others under Apps > ShopKeeper Gift Card Scheduler. This does require a knowledge of HTML and we can only provide limited customization support for these settings.