After a the purchaser (gift giver) receives the standard Shopify notification, there is a second button added to the gift card created notification email during the installation process.

Here's what the button looks like:

The gift giver clicks the "Schedule Gift Card" button to begin the process to send or schedule a notification to the recipient. 

This page features sample screenshots of what the rest of the process looks like using Shopify's free Debut theme. 

These images do not show the header or footer of the theme, but them will be included.

Please note that the appears may differ based on your theme as we attempt to inherit all of the font, color and other styles automatically. In some cases, you may need to work with your theme developer to refine the look of this form.

Clicking this link shows this screen:

If the user opts to select a future date, this date picker is shown:

If the user opts to "send now," the date option disappears but the user can still click "schedule" to switch back to the scheduling mode:

Here's what the email the recipient looks like, with {{placeholder.text}} shown that would be filled in dynamically with the correct details. You can edit this email as much as you'd like, but this does require knowledge of HTML and CSS. Replacing the default yellow and orange package image is easy and we can assist with that.