Advanced users can let customers pick from two or more branded designs.

This requires using this link and then activating the paid plan from within the app dashboard. We recommend uninstalling "Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards" if you already have that installed. Even though it's not called "Branded" in the title, please note it will work and you will be charged the same rate for our normal branded app.

You must activate the paid plan on your end because we cannot do this for you.

Each design is still subject to standard design or integration fees, though you can save by ordering more than one at a time (please note all integrations and designs must be completed at the same time to qualify for these discounts).

If you need more than seven designs, please contact us for a custom quote or pay the deposit and we will follow up.

Once your multiple branded designs are activated, users will be shown the standard design gallery with thumbnails for each design (shown below), which they can select and personalize as normal.

You can also create a category with your store name and let users pick from one of these and other designs already in our pro library, but this is optional.

To order this: Visit this page and select the number of designs you need or whether or not you want us to design them or you will. Pay and reply to the email you receive with any details.