Some store owners want to add the ability to send a digital "greeting card" that announces the gift but does not include a gift card code with a value.

This is technically possible with our app, but there are important points and caveats you should be are of:

  • Shopify CANNOT issue gift cards with no value ($0.00 or local equivalent). 
  • Therefore, you must charge a fee — even as small as a $0.01 or local equivalent for the card to be generated. 
  • Shopify then issues a gift card in this value and it will appear in your reporting as gift cards normally do. You should verify this will work with how you handle your accounting and finances. 
  • We can hide the gift card code and value for Branded Gift Card users only so this information is not visible. However, the gift card code and value are still visible if it the users examines the code used to create the gift card. This means they could use the code to make a purchase. However, if you are only charging a nominal amount to add a digital gift card, then only that value would be applied to a purchase (and you still received the funds).
  • We cannot populate gift cards with specific product images. They can only feature the to and from name and personal note.