NOTE: Designing your own gift card images typically requires that you're familiar with a professional image editing tool such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. More basic image editing tools such as Apple or Windows free provided photo editing software or web based ones such as Canva are typically not able to handle the intricacies of creating the files you need to meet our requirements. 

If you're not familiar with using a professional image editing program, we strongly recommend you purchase our full design service. It's about $100 more and will likely end up saving you a significant amount of time.

If you’re sending your own designs and we’re just providing integration services, please note the files must be these exact sizes and use the exact naming convention outlined below. For an example of how the gift card images are used, see this sample design. You should also read our limitations article.

You can download a package of PSD and PNG file templates here to make your design work easier.

All dimension are given in pixels. Do not use inches, millimeters, picas, points or other units.

  • Background (bg.png): 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels high
    • Please remember that the background image may be cropped depending on the user’s device size, so we recommend avoiding the use of text or other important design elements anywhere on the background. Instead, solid colors, patterns, photos without specific focal points or textures make good choices.
  • Cover (cover.png): 480 pixels wide by 686 pixels high
    • The cover can optionally have a "notch" added. To add it yourself using our standard look, you can either download a transparent PNG overlay of the full cover here or one of just the notch here. If you want us to add this for you, let us know. You can also download 
  • Virtual gift card (card.png): 400 pixels wide by 239 pixels high
    • Please remember that approximately the bottom 72 pixels of the card may be covered by the gift card value, so we recommend avoiding placing any text or important design elements here. If you do not want rounded corners, do not include them. Do not include shadows, however, because that is added by our CSS (or we can disable this if you prefer).
  • Print friendly version (print-bg.png): 243 pixels wide by 153 pixels high
    • This image will be rotated 180-degrees (e.g. appear upside down) on the wallet sized printed version so it can be folded in half to create the effect of a double-sided card.
  • Preview (preview.png): 480 pixels wide by 684 pixels high
    • This is typically the same image as the cover.
  • Thumbnail (thumbnail.png): 136 pixels wide by 194 pixels high
    • This is the image shoppers see in select cases. We typically recommend using the same image as your cover.

Files must be submitted as 72dpi RGB PNGs. Do not submit files at higher resolutions or in other formats.

You must use the naming format above. Both red parts at the beginning and end are required and cannot be changed. The orange portion is only required if you're creating multiple branded designs.

  • Note that filenames must be all lowercase and avoid any special characters. Hyphens should replace spaces and elements of each filename. 
  • “branded” should prefixed to all file names at the beginning.
  • “design-name” is typically a description of the design. 
  • “part-name” would be the filename shown in the list above. No other values can be used here.

Incorrectly named files will be returned for renaming by the customer.

Additional limitations and notes

  • We cannot accept or use SVG or other vector based files at this time.
  • There are some image quality issues that you should be aware of.
  • Advanced designers can provide images for cover.png, bg.png and card.png at twice the dimensions listed above for improved performance on high resolution devices (this is sometimes called "@2x"). Please do not include @2x or other labels in your filenames, however. You also must ensure your image files are exactly twice the required ones above and let us know you're doing this when submitting files. Please note that submitting files this way can slow the loading times of your gift cards. The print-bg.png file cannot be provided at larger sizes at this time.

Before submitting checklist

Before submitting files, here's a checklist of common issues:

  • Are your files PNG?
  • Are your files 72dpi RGB?
  • Are your files sized exactly as outlined above?
  • Do your file names start with "branded-" (shown in red above)?
  • Did you use the correct part name in each file (shown in green above)?
  • Do your file names end in ".png" (shown in red above)?
  • Did you remove all special characters and spaces from your filenames?
  • Are the hyphens included as shown above?
  • If submitting more than one design, did you include the "(design-name)" part of the filename shown in orange above?
  • Are you submitting a total of six files?